Vinegar Foot Soak for Infection

Feet infection is one of most common problems of feet and caused by groups of fungi. This feet problem becomes severe and painful if not cured in time and properly. Big toe, little toe and finger nails are mostly affected by fungi infection and it starts from small spots and can spread to whole feet and other parts of body if proper treatment is not followed. Fungus infection basically grows in moist and dark environment and is known as dermatophytes. There may be several reasons for having this feet problem i.e. wearing improper size of shoes, poor care and cleaning of feet, lack of feet hygiene etc.

Vinegar Foot Soak for Infection

Vinegar is said to be very effective home remedy to deal with fungus infection appears in feet fingers before you go for expensive medical drugs for infection cure. The best way of using vinegar for fungus infection is to make foot soak solution using vinegar. Some of other ingredients can be added in making variety of vinegar foot soak recipes but here we have to cure just toenail fungus infection using vinegar so vinegar should be used as single ingredient of foot soaking solution. You don’t need to have anything else or ingredient to add in vinegar for killing toenail fungus infection. Vinegar is enriched with acidic properties that are very effective in preventing fungi grow and also remove it eventually.

It is also a fact that vinegar is slow to prevent and kill fungi from feet fingers but it is really very effective if continued to use for several weeks or months. The main point of getting best advantage of vinegar foot soak is to stay punctual in using vinegar foot soak treatment. It should be done twice daily for frequent results of removing fungus infection. You can have vinegar foot soak treatment for removing fungus infection in the way given below:

Just take adequate amount of vinegar to soak your problem foot in it. put vinegar in a foot basin and or large bowl to soak your feet in it, multiple types of vinegar are available and can be used to cure fungus infection but using white plain vinegar is more effective and best as it is easily available, cheap and convenient to use. Other types of vinegar can have some of side effects on feet skin or problem spot of feet but pain white vinegar is said to be safe and quick to heal toenail fungus infection. Keep your feet soak in vinegar solution for about 30-40 minutes and do this daily for best results. Applying vinegar foot soak for fungus infection is best to do twice or thrice if you want to quickly remove fungus infection from feet. You will find it best and effective remedy to treat fungus infection. Vinegar is such an effective ingredient that it stops fungi appearing again on feet.

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