Calluses On Feet Remedies

Having calluses on feet is one of common problems regarding feet. Improper care and ignorance for feet is main reason for having this problem. Calluses are hardened and thick layers of skin and they appear in different spots on feet in lower part of feet. Calluses are sometimes painful and they must be treated in the best way especially if you are a diabetic patient. Here we have some useful tips and remedies for curing calluses on feet.

Calluses On Feet Remedies


  • Proper cleanliness and removing dry and dead skin of feet is better to avoid having calluses. Using pumice stone is better to remove dead and dry skin from feet.
  • Warm water soak is one of best remedy to treat calluses and corns on feet. Adding baking soda in warm water would be much healing for feet calluses. A paste of baking soda and some drops of water can be rubbed to heal calluses on feet.
  • It is better to keep feet dry and clean to avoid making calluses miserable and severe. Sprinkling cornstarch in between fingers and on calluses spots would be a good remedy to treat calluses.
  • Soaking feet in chamomile tea would also be healing for calluses on feet. Stains of this tea can be removed with help of rinsing feet with water and using soap.
  • Vinegar can also be good treatment for curing calluses on feet. Soak cotton ball in vinegar mixed water and tape these balls on calluses and corns on feet. Applying this remedy for overnight would be very effective to cure calluses.
  • Hard corns and calluses are more painful and they can be treated using ice packs under your feet. You will feel sooth from pain and discomfort of calluses.
  • Make a paste of aspirin tablets and lemon juice and apply this paste on calluses and keep wrapping your feet in plastic bags for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse your feet and use pumice stone to remove dry skin.
  • Massaging your feet with sesame oil and any of hand and body oil would be good to make calluses get soft and remove gradually. Massage feet for about 10-20 minutes daily and you will feet relief from pain of calluses.

All above are natural treatments and remedies for calluses and corns on feet. Now let’s share some tips to avoid making calluses and corns on feet. Keep reading the following lines.

  • Keep rubbing your feet with pumice feet whenever you take bath as your skin gets softer and dead and dry skin from feet can be easily removed.
  • Keep wearing thin socks to avoid dust and dirt on your feet for your skin gets drier and there are more chances to have calluses and corns on your feet.
  • Keep your feet clean and moisturized with good hand and body lotion or cream.

You can avoid lots of feet issues following the tips given above. All these tips and remedies are best, natural and easy to apply for feet care from calluses and corns.

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