Vinegar Can Be a Good Air Freshener

When it comes to bad smell coming out of your home, several things add to it like carpets, pet urine, dirty laundry, shoes, old furniture, different kitchen ingredients, chemicals, polishes, paints and many more. All these and many other things in your home are main reason for having bad smell in your home and you may looking for removing this bad smell and want fresh and pleasant smell in your home. In stores and markets, there are lots of products available to be used as air freshener and have pleasant smell in home.

Vinegar Can Be a Good Air FreshenerIt is best to make use of common ingredients to be used for domestic purposes. A bigger example of these ingredients is vinegar; white vinegar that is said to be very good in removing bad odor of everything and lets you have most fresh and pleasant environment of your home. Vinegar is good for its antiseptic, antifungal and acidic properties that help killing germs and bacteria hence remove bad smell of the environment. Using vinegar for killing home odor is such a convenient, effective and cheaper way as you can do it as a DIY. However, some of other ingredients can be very supportive to be combined with vinegar for best results regard odor removal.

An obvious and logical way of removing bad odor is to properly clean the house using best cleaning tips and tricks. In fact, daily cleaning does not allow having bad smell in home but if it is still, you are suggested to make use of vinegar and baking soda to kill odor germs and get fresh and pleasant smell in your home. Some individuals are notice to unlike the original smell of vinegar but it really works to fresh your environment.

One of most simple way of using vinegar for odor removal is to keep a bowl full of vinegar solution inside your home and you will notice fresh and pleasant smell coming out of your home after overnight.

You can also fill vinegar and baking soda solution in a spray bottle and spray in all rooms of your home like kitchen, bathroom, storeroom, garage, TV lounge to remove bad smell of your home.

Vinegar can also be used to mix with water and baking soda to make a solution to keep in the home overnight and you will get odor free environment of your home.

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